Our Services

The UK’s Premier Sport Seats Showroom

Finding the right seat for you with so many choices on the market can be a difficult one. However, here at GSM Performance, we make that choice so much easier. We have over 100 motorsport seats, classic seats and reclining sports seats in-store. Simply book an appointment to visit us and you’ll be welcome to try each seat to see which one feels the most supportive and comfortable, whilst being perfect for your requirements. We pride ourselves on having the largest display of seats in the UK.

Harness & HANS Device Testing

Once you have picked the right seat, it’s time to pick the right harness belt and HANS device for your needs. We have our Pro-Fit zone just for this purpose. With our in-store roll bar and motorsport seat setup, you can get your seating position right before securing yourself with our 4-point, 5-point and 6-point harness belt systems as well as a HANS device & other racewear to ensure you have the perfect products.

The Best Premium Racewear

You’ve got your seat right, your harness is correct and now you need your racewear and helmet. We’ve got you covered with our new extensive racewear collection. Use our showroom’s changing facilities to try on all of our racewear, ranging from racing shoes & helmets through to racing gloves & Nomex underwear from all of the industry-leading brands. Once you’ve decided what you want, we’ll create a total package for all of your safety equipment.

Aftermarket Steering Wheels

If you’re after a custom steering wheel for your vehicle then look no further! Our wide array of steering wheels from brands including OMP, MOMO, Sabelt and more will provide you with exceptional grip and control of your vehicle, allowing you to shave seconds off your lap times in style.