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Here at GSM Performance, through the years we’ve evolved and adapted the business to factors we feel are important. In our eyes, driver safety is substantially above all other product groups. In motorsport we want to be fast, we want our vehicles to handle well and we want to win, but with it all said and done, walking away from each and every event is the most critical aspect of our industry which is why we believe that driver safety is key.

Safety First Product Range:

With this in mind, we’ve created our showroom and our product range directly with driver safety at the heart of our business. We offer each major product group which encapsulates the driver. This consists of the seat you’re sat in, the harnesses holding you in place, the HANS device assisting against forward impacts, the racewear and helmet you’re wearing and the roll cage surrounding you. Each of these six main product groups mentioned are the key to safe racing from a 20 minute track day session through to a WRC event.

  • Bucket Seats – The critical component to hold your body in place and allowing you to focus on driving.
  • Harnesses – Worn to prevent body movement during cornering and restrain the body during an incident.
  • HANS Devices – Worn to prevent any neck injury that can be caused by a front-on collision.
  • Helmet – Possibly the most important piece of equipment, protecting your head from any form of impact.
  • Racewear – Protective clothing designed to reduce injury during a racing incident.
  • Roll Cage – Installed to reduce vehicle implosion and any panels or debris from impacting the cockpit.

Whether you’re looking to do your first track day and need a helmet to get you started, or if you’re competing in professional competitions and need equipment for a new project car, we can help you out. Dedicated to providing premium products that we know work, we’ll ensure you walk away with the exact equipment for your requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

Providing Expert Assistance:
We were honoured to assist the BBC’s TV show Fake Britain in their fight against counterfeit products. Watch this video from BBC One where they visited our showroom and interviewed myself, Garreth Sleigh, for advice in identifying counterfeit products. Remember to always purchase motorsport equipment from an authorised dealer like ourselves.

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