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With many years of experience in the motorsport industry, we’ve created a range of helpful pages, guides and FAQs with our in-depth industry knowledge. All of us here at GSM Performance hope that you find these guides useful in assisting you with your product selection.

How to Pass Your Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) 

  • We understand that getting your seat and harness belt set up before applying for an IVA is extremely important, so our guide explains how to do it correctly.

Finding the Right Seats for Your Mazda MX-5 MK1 & MK2 

  • As the Mazda MX-5 is one of the most popular affordable track day cars out on the roads, here’s our guide to which seats fit & which ones don’t.

Transferring Recaro Seats From One Vehicle to Another

  • In the modified car community, it’s becoming increasingly popular to install Recaro seats that have been removed from vehicles they were installed in as standard. Here’s our helpful guide so you can find out if they’ll fit your vehicle or not.

Will Bucket Seats Fit My Vehicle? We Have The Answers!

  • We get asked regularly if new brackets are really needed to install new seats, or if they can be fitted to the vehicle’s original equipment. To answer this question we’ve written this guide explaining why new fitting equipment really is essential.

Should you buy Road or FIA harness belts?

  • If your not sure why some harnesses have a standard belt buckle clip and some have a rotary twist release clip, then this article’s for you! We identify some of the key features and differences for you.

Can I use standard seat belts with bucket seats?

  • We saw this question being asked on a track day enthusiast forum and felt that it needed correctly answering. So here’s the information you need to know when fitting bucket seats with standard seat belts.

What’s the difference between the Recaro Pole Position ABE and FIA?

  • With a common question being asked “do I need the ABE or FIA Pole Position?” we felt that it only made sense to create this guide explaining the differences and what type of driver their suitable for.


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